Hello dear all,

My name is Lara. I am a Teacher of English to speakers of other languages who gives private classes to learners of English who want to advance in English skills, such as speaking and writing, reading and listening, as well as improve their English pronunciation.

I have created my own language centre which I call Down Under Language Study Centre (DULSC). So far, I am an only specialist in English in the teaching personnel, but I am hoping to grow bigger in the nearest future by attracting other experienced professionals to my business.

Meanwhile, welcome to my Down Under Language Study Centre (DULSC) where you will find affordable and highly efficient English courses!

I am open 7 days a week, both off- and on-line. This means that you are free to choose whether to take face-to-face classes coming to my Centre or arrange an online tuition.



All my courses are designed in keeping with candidates’ personal learning needs. First, your language issues will be “diagnosed” by an online test with a friendly interview to follow. When it becomes apparent what aspects of the English language you need to improve to develop a particular type of skills, you will be offered an individual study plan in which all your learning necessities will be considered.

The course duration depends on students’ personal choice in accordance with their individual learning needs.

The minimum recommended time for one set of studies (we call it a session) is from 10 to 20 hours. The full payment is required.

Depending on your initial level of English, you will be advised how long your full course of studies should be.

After completing a certain level, students will be given progress tests to help them evaluate their performance and move to another level. 

Names of Courses:

Communication English Course

International Examinations Preparation

OET (The Occupational English Test) preparation course

Coaching for a Job Interview

Communication English Course

Intended for those who need to develop speaking skills in English. It is meant for all language levels: from beginner to advanced. You will develop your speaking skills through studying Grammar and Vocabulary, as well as listening, writing, and reading.

Aims at:

developing practical and social skills in English needed to survive in everyday speaking situations and to integrate into the English-speaking environment whose cultural and traditional values can be different. During this course students will have an opportunity to correct their pronunciation, enhance grammar accuracy and enlarge vocabulary in English.

giving students the opportunity for rapid progress in all aspects of the English language: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing.

Structured from beginner through advanced:

30 hours:

two times per week – 15 weeks

three times per week – 10 weeks

five times per week – 6 weeks 

30 hours:

two times per week – 15 weeks

three times per week – 10 weeks

five times per week – 6 weeks

36 hours:

two times per week – 18 weeks

three times per week – 12 weeks

four times per week – 9 weeks

40 hours:

two times per week - 20 weeks

four times per week – 10 weeks

five times per week – 8 weeks

30 hours:

two times per week – 15 weeks

three times per week – 10 weeks

five times per week – 6 weeks

20 hours:

two times per week – 10 weeks

five times per week – 4 weeks

International Examinations Preparation:

Intended for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, FCE and CAE candidates. This course is designed for those whose target is to study in an English-speaking country, including Australia, or to become a permanent resident of the country of your choice. The course will give you an individual preparation for any of the mentioned above examinations, so that you can develop necessary skills in all aspects (parts) of these examinations or in some of them. Your choice is among Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.
Entry Requirements: Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate depending on the target score you need to present for immigration purposes, such as PR, Work, Holiday or Student Visas.

Aims to:

familiarise students with all aspects of the international examinations, such as Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing,

provide examination strategies to help students excel in test performance and achieve maximum band scores,

give students intensive practice in all aspects of the examinations to assist them in achieving their examination goals,

to monitor students’ progress with study and examination materials similar to those used in the real tests.

OET Examination Preparation

Intended for 12 healthcare professionals who need to start their medical career in an English-speaking country. I will explain the general format of the examination and give training in any of the four aspects of it, such as Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.
Based on typical workplace scenarios in any of the following fields of your profession: Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology and Veterinary Science.

Assist in:

understanding of the format of the test

acquiring confidence in completing each part of it through sufficient practice in every required aspect.

Entry Requirements: Upper-Intermediate

Coaching for a Job Interview

Focuses on preparing candidates for a job interview with a potential employer. You will be given practical skills in answering most likely questions typically put to candidates who are invited to a face-to-face or online interview for a chosen job. I will give you training in how to behave at an interview, how to react to most unexpected and difficult questions, what questions to expect, as well as what patterns of conduct to avoid. In other words, how to produce a proper impression and to enhance your chance to be accepted or become shortlisted, at the very least.

Extra Services

Error correction of the written parts of all examinations. This service is meant for those who do not require a course in developing writing skills, but need a proof-reading of the written essays, graphs, or letters. You will be provided with a detailed analysis of your mistakes and recommendations how to improve your writing skills to achieve a higher mark.

Video or Audio lessons in the English Grammar and Vocabulary with or without training exercises to follow.

PDF Training Exercises in the English Grammar with or without explanations of the corresponding grammatical topic.

My teaching approach

A most friendly and effective teaching environment is provided at my Centre. You will feel relaxed and comfortable in my class. I believe that in an unconstrained and informal atmosphere learning English will not seem such a painfully difficult process. We all learn through mistakes, so making mistakes in English will not seem to you as something unacceptable. On the contrary, you will be encouraged not to be afraid of making any kinds of errors in English – mispronouncing words, not using proper vocabulary or grammar, etc. Do not worry - you will not be punished for that! On the contrary, you will soon find out that the process of learning includes first ignoring mistakes, then acknowledging them and finally getting rid of them once and for good.

You will receive an individual training. This means that apart from being professional your teacher will be approachable. My long and conductive experience has taught me that teaching adults in multiple classes does serve the study target and deliver great results. However, personal approach might be preferable to some language learners. Therefore, I will offer you my full attention to any of your educational needs immediately in class, thus helping you to pursue your study goals steadily.

You will choose your own course by deciding what exactly you want to learn and how long you need to study. I offer courses with a flexible timetable in the morning, afternoon and evening all 7 days a week.

All study materials will be individually prepared for you, taking into consideration your private tuition aims. You will not have to buy any course book; moreover, the prices of the study materials are included in the hourly rates.

You choose your own pattern of study: off-line (face-to-face) or online, one-on-one or in small groups.

My location

My little Down Under Study Language Centre (DULSC) is situated in the friendly surroundings of Botany, Sydney’s eastern suburb, NSW, Australia. The building is conveniently placed to those who travel by public transport. There is a regular bus connection from Mascot Station, and our Centre is just a stone throw from the bus stop at Williams or Swinbourne Street.

My credentials

I hold a University Degree in Modern Languages, majoring in English, and qualified as Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Also, I am the holder of TESOL Certificate IV and International Teacher Licence with recognition of excellency in English issued by the Australian Training Academy (ATA).

Tuition fees

Tuition Course Fees are to be enquired in person – mainly during an interview, prior to the course application.

Students are required to sign Terms of Studies with DULSC which is a written agreement on payment of fees. The Terms set out the teaching services to be provided, tuition fees payable and information about classes cancellation, classes rescheduling and refunds of course money.

Single classes per hour will be charged in its full cost if taken erratically. In this case there will be no need to sign The Terms of Studies. Such classes are payable prior to each commencement.

Classes taken as study packs will be charged upfront for the chosen set of lessons, before the start of each session. Compared with the original charge per hour, an hourly rate depends on the type of chosen pack. For example, there is a reduction in prices per hour from 5 to 15 %.

Our clients


I have known Lara for 5 years as a highly experienced IELTS teacher who helped me improve my speaking and writing skills in preparation for the IELTS exam, which I successfully passed. Her classes were always well-organised and she was very patient in explaining certain concepts, gave me a lot of advice on how to write excellent letters and essays. Lara definitely has my highest recommendation. Thank you very much.


Lara has been my private tutor for more than two years now. She is professional, patient and funny. She explains points clearly, and in a easily understandable way. I'm very enjoying having lessons with her and starts building my interest and confidence in English, so I highly recommend Lara.


I've started my tutoring with Lara with a lot of issues in my writing tasks. She has helped me to improve my writing with a lot of explanations and patience. I know that I need to improve much more, but I'm already happy with my progress.


Lara is an amazing teacher, that develop a great English class with me. I’m feeling more confident with my English. I really appreciated it. Definitely satisfied.


Highly recommend Lara for IELTS preparation. I had really positive experience working with Lara. She helped me a lot with my IELTS test.


She is a good teacher very helpful specially for my ielts study. I recommend her 100%.

How to apply

All you will need to do to apply for a study course with me is to:

mobile number:

+61 415 350 865                       

landline number:

+61 808 48 628



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