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Down Under Language Study Centre

is located in the friendly surroundings of Botany Bay, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, NSW, Australia. It specialises in teaching English as a foreign and a second language to speakers of other languages, whose mother tongue is different from that of the English language.

The major strategies of teaching English in our Centre are and have always been:

• to help our students to master and develop all English Language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing

• to encourage them to use the English language in the international communication while travelling abroad or doing business with foreign partners;

• to prepare candidates for the international English language examinations on a variety of purposes, e.g. migrating to English-speaking countries or applying for an academic study at overseas colleges or universities.

Studying with us means:

• We are flexible to offer you your own course you choose to do with us and a pattern of study you should feel like doing, e.g. a one-on-one sessions, studying online (Skype) or in small groups (up to 6 people). 

• We will advise you how long your course should be according to the results of the preliminary level test you will be offered to do, as well as your study needs. 

• We will work out together your individual timetable and charge you reasonably.


DULSC provides the following teaching services to our students:

• First and foremost, we create a most friendly and effective teaching environment for our learners by looking after their studying needs, conversational English for survival purposes as one of the examples. 

• Our students will have a good opportunity to build-up and improve their speaking abilities and language fluency through everyday speaking situations which they will be involved in during their classes.

Listening Comprehension, as well as Pronunciation Correction, is also an integral part of our education.

• Our students will be tooled up with attainments of the accepted English accent and will be taught how to start understanding native speakers in the natural flow of speech.

Writing is another practical skill in English which will be very useful to master, either to succeed in IELTS or to take into account that writing formal or informal letters in English can be someone’s daily routine and daily frustration at the same time! No worries, we will be able to assist you there as well! 

• Studying necessary reading skills, our students are sure to acquire basic deftness in skimming and scanning, which are so important for academic purposes, IELTS preparation for instance.   


My Teaching Background

My prior learning in English dates back to full academic years of language study at one of the most renowned European Universities which enhanced my Basic English Language skills gained at a secondary school to a proficiency level, thus conferred a University Degree in English as a foreign and second language. Then followed continuous years of teaching experience, first in a secondary school with an emphasis on learning English from the age of 6, then at an English Language University College, followed by teaching English at public schools in London, UK,. as well as at the International English Language Centres such as English First and Education First, English Life, Infinitive, Tom’s House and others. In addition, all necessary endorsements for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) were acquired at the Australasian Training Academy (ATA) together with the International English Teacher Licence and Recognition of Excellence in English Language Teaching.

Lara Vromen

Who can apply for a course of studies at DULSC?

Our potential candidate is the one whose target is to learn English either from scratch or have it improved for a number of different purposes, like

studying at any overseas university, including Australian educational institutions;

migrating to Australia, or any other foreign country.

Our Specialty:

Although we specialise in IELTS preparation (both academic and general modules) we also prepare candidates to sit for Cambridge Examinations (PET, FCE, CAE and CPE).

Our clients

I have known Lara for 5 years as a highly experienced IELTS teacher who helped me improve my speaking and writing skills in preparation for the IELTS exam, which I successfully passed. Her classes were always well-organised and she was very patient in explaining certain concepts, gave me a lot of advice on how to write excellent letters and essays. Lara definitely has my highest recommendation. Thank you very much.

Lara has been my private tutor for more than two years now. She is professional, patient and funny. She explains points clearly, and in a easily understandable way. I'm very enjoying having lessons with her and starts building my interest and confidence in English, so I highly recommend Lara.

I've started my tutoring with Lara with a lot of issues in my writing tasks. She has helped me to improve my writing with a lot of explanations and patience. I know that I need to improve much more, but I'm already happy with my progress.

Lara is an amazing teacher, that develop a great English class with me. I’m feeling more confident with my English. I really appreciated it. Definitely satisfied.

Highly recommend Lara for IELTS preparation. I had really positive experience working with Lara. She helped me a lot with my IELTS test.

She is a good teacher very helpful specially for my ielts study. I recommend her 100%.

Welcome to DULSC!

Getting in touch with us:

Contact Person: Lara Vromen
Mobile: +61 415350865
Skype: lara.vromen

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